Storm restoration is different from “fixing your roof or property”…

No one wins from an unrealistic claim or by sticking it to the insurance company.  That is neither realistic nor reasonable.
    • For a leaky, a faulty or an old roof we give 2-3 solutions (bids) so you can decide on the best solution you can afford.
    • Unlike a bid you insurance pays to fix your damaged property based on the scope of work necessary to fix the insured damaged property, not the lowest bid.
    • A storm solution is like other jobs only in the fact that we do a total assessment of your roof its surrounding and connected items to put together a scope of work.
    • You need to use a General Contractor or GC like I-35 Roofing for a storm claim…
    • You, your insurance and your contractor need to ALL agree as to the scope of work prior to any commencement of work.

Why do you need a General Contractor or GC for Storm Repairs?

    • Will the amount of the insurance settlement be enough to fully restore the property?
    • Will the insurance settlement include enough for required code upgrades?
    • A GC understands the processes, coordination and managing the scope of work for proper and timely completion your project. Sometimes additional damage may be discovered once the external roof or walls are removed this is handled as a supplement with your insurance.
    • Only one company will be responsible if added scope is necessary to complete the project.
    • You only have one company to call for service during and after the project completion versus tracking down who did what…
    • It saves you time and minimizes distractions for you and your staff, before, during and after the project.

Why I-35 for Storm Damage?

    • We understand the process if insurance is involved – each manager has 30 years of insurance experience and over 20 years each of construction and management experience.
    • We have a plan, see (below) our plan of A.C.T.I.O.N. for you!
    • Our estimation software is the same as insurance carriers software and where it isn’t our experience in scope eliminates hassling over money.

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    • I-35 will determine the type of roof systems
    • I-35 will confirm extent of wear, age, and installation issues
    • I-35 will confirm type of damage to the existing roof(s) and property
    • I-35 will give you our opinion if there is enough damage to file a claim

Complete a Scope of work

    • I-35 will come up with an estimate.
    • I-35 will produce a scope of work to complete repairs and restoration.
    • YOU may submit our scope of work to your insurance company for approval


    • I-35 will meet with Adjuster to agree on scope of work to repair damages
    • I-35 will serve as the General Contractor and manage the construction process.

Initiation of Work

    • I-35 will agree with YOU on what work you want performed

On your Schedule

    • I-35 will work with with YOU to schedule project hours, days, staging and job times.
    • I-35 will accommodate for unexpected events, weather or circumstances that may arise during the project

No items left undone

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