Storm Damage?  Think insurance didn’t pay enough?
Want your roof fixed, but you have an ACV policy?

Do you have one of these type of roofs? 

  • Tar & gravel roof
  • Aging modified-bitumen roof
  • EPDM or Ballasted roof
  • Aging Flat/Low-slope roof

I-35 Roofing has a solution for you!

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You roof could be a candidate for Roof Coating…

  1. Coating cost should be completely covered by money received from an ACV policy*
  2. Coating does not require you to remove the existing roof so you do not have to comply with the new code upgrade requirements to add expensive insulation, raise AC units and gas lines.
  3. Coating Extends the life of the roof for years
  4. Coating will cover metal and other design flaws
  5. Coating Energy savings of 20% or more by lowering the roof temperature
  6. Coating is a monolithic (seamless single) membrane unlike other systems so it is not prone to leaks
  7. Coating installation does not interrupt business; low noise, does not create trash or bad smells
  8. Coating can provide building owner with a labor and material warranty up to 20 years
  9. Coating is a simple process:  we remove gravel, clean the roof, repair any soft or ponding areas, flash any openings, delete abandoned equipment, apply a base coat (depending on the roof) and finish with a top coat.
  10. Coating will STOP leaks with a new monolithic roof membrane

*If policy was rated correctly with proper code upgrades included.

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