Residential Roofer

Why I-35 Roofing for residential roofs?

  • I-35 Roofing has experience in all types of roofs.
  • Most of our crews have worked with us more than 10 years, which means consistency & reliability for you
  • we will get the job done fast a efficiently
  • we do not ask for funds up front on residential roofs
  • we typically get your roof installed in 2 days or less (roofs under 10,000 sq feet)
  • we have the I-35 A.C.T.I.O.N Plan to get the job done or the I-35 Storm A.C.T.I.O.N Plan

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Some of our Residential Roofs

Schedule a FREE inspection (800) 411-3354

We have systems that are FM Global, UL (Underwriter Laboratories), Hail Resistant, Energy Star, Green, Cool Roof Rate, Miami-Dade County and California Title 24 compliant as well as certifications from our manufacturers.