Roof Restoration?

Roof restoration:  is classified as roof maintenance and it allows you to use the current roof system for another 10 to 20 years.

Not all roofs will qualify to be restored and many roofs should be replaced, but if your roof qualifies then the advantages are big!

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Why restore versus replace?

  1. Restoration is 1/2 or less the price of roof replacement
  2. Restoration is 100% deductible the first year.
  3. Restoration is saves energy which means it saves you money.  Save 20%-35% on your utilities.
  4. Seamless single membrane unlike other systems that are welded, glued or mechanically attached
  5. Installation does not interrupt business processes; minimal noise, trash and debris during installation
  6. Restoration does not require you to remove the existing roof so you do not have to comply with the new code upgrade requirements
  7. Overcome design flaws
  8. Installation time 1/3 the time of roof replacement
  9. Fix ‘island roofs’ that are normally inaccessible or cost prohibitive to reach
  10. Warranties including labor and material are available for up to 20 years

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