Storm Process

Why I-35 for Storm Damage?

  • We understand the process if insurance is involved – each manager has 30 years of insurance experience
  • We use the same software that 90% of the insurance carriers use, which this eliminates hassling over money
  • We have a plan, see (below) our plan of A.C.T.I.O.N. for you!

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    • I-35 will determine the type of roof systems
    • I-35 will confirm extent of wear, age, and installation issues
    • I-35 will confirm type of damage to the existing roof(s) and property
    • I-35 will give you our opinion if there is enough damage to file a claim

Complete a Scope of work

    • I-35 will come up with an estimate.
    • I-35 will produce a scope of work to complete repairs and restoration.
    • YOU may submit our scope of work to your insurance company for approval


    • I-35 will meet with Adjuster to agree on scope of work to repair damages
    • I-35 will serve as the General Contractor and manage the construction process.

Initiation of Work

    • I-35 will agree with YOU on what work you want performed

On your Schedule

    • I-35 will work with with YOU to schedule project hours, days, staging and job times.
    • I-35 will accommodate for unexpected events, weather or circumstances that may arise during the project

No items left undone

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