Energy Efficient Roofs – Green Roofs

A white, reflective roof can save you 20-30% or more on energy costs.  This picture shows the temperature difference in two side-by-side sections of the same roof.  There are several options to convert your roof, but a liquid applied roof system is the most cost effective if your roof qualifies.

The darker the roof and or the more square feet your roof covers the higher the impact when you change to a reflective roof, imagine this on your roof.

Before and After Installing a Cool Green Roof

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Substituting a weathered cool white roof (solar reflectance 0.55) for a weathered conventional gray roof (solar reflectance 0.20) yielded annually a cooling energy saving per unit conditioned roof area ranging from 3.30 kWh/m2 in Alaska to 7.69 kWh/m2 in Arizona (5.02 kWh/m2 nationwide)…and an energy cost saving ranging from 0.126/m2 in West Virginia to  1.14/m2 in Arizona ( 0.356/m2 nationwide) – Springer science article on 20% savings for businesses with a white roof

According to the EPA a California study found that cool roofs provide an average yearly net savings of almost 50 cents per square foot. –

The government Office of Scientific and Technical Information study shows that coating roofs white reduces summertime average daily air-conditioning electricity use from 2– study


10 reasons why…

  1. Cost is 1/2 or less the price of roof replacement
  2. Installed in 1/3 the time of roof replacement
  3. Reduce cooling costs 20%-35%
  4. Seamless single membrane unlike other systems that are welded, glued or mechanically attached
  5. Installation does not interrupt business processes; minimal noise, trash and debris during installation
  6. You are not required to remove the existing roof so you do not have to comply with the new code requirements
  7. Extends the life of your roof for years at a fraction of the cost
  8. Overcome design flaws
  9. Fix ‘island roofs’ that are normally inaccessible or cost prohibitive to reach
  10. Warranties including labor and material are available for up to 20 years