Storm restoration is different from “fixing your roof”

No one wins from an unrealistic claim or by “sticking it” to the insurance company!

The Contractor… not the price is important for storm repair

For a leaky or old roof multiple bids is a great option, but insurance pays to fix your property based on the scope of work not the lowest bid. You need a General Contractor to manage the whole process.

Why I-35 for Storm Repair

We are a General Contractor, not just a roofer. We complete a thorough assessment, provide a scope of work and manage all trades as the General Contractor to complete the restoration for you.

We have solutions for ACV (Actual Cash Value) Policyholders

We can restore your roof with a 10-20 year labor and material warranty for 1/3 replacement cost

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Our simple proven process

Complete Scope of Work
Initiate Work
On YOUR Schedule
No Items left undone