Roof Inspections

Consistent roof inspections are pivotal to a ‘healthy, long lasting roof’, they are not just to find a leak.  Get your roof inspected at least annually to prolong the life of your roof.  If the roof is not properly maintained you risk everything in your building!

Simply knowing what goes on or at least who goes on your roof will help the life of your roof.

Keep a log of who, when and time someone goes on your roof.  Call for a FREE inspection after each visitor to your roof.

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Below is example of an annual inspection

  • Check to make sure the roof is clear of debris such as metal from HVAC units
  • Check penetrations and ensure that there is no damage to the roof system or seams
  • Check flashings and copings for damage or broken sealant
  • Check drains to make sure they are clear and unobstructed
  • Check gutters to make sure they are clear and unobstructed
  • Check for failure at connection to walls and transitions

A few simple steps may extend the life of your roof for years!