The I-35 Roofing process is A.C.T.I.O.N.


    • I-35 will determine the type of roof systems.
    • I-35 will confirm extent of wear, age, damage and/or installation issues.

Complete a Scope of work

    • I-35 will come up with an estimate and scope of work as to your options.
    • I-35 will focus on the most cost effective, energy efficient option that causes the least interruption to your business.


    • YOU will determine what work you want performed.
    • I-35 will revise our scope and estimate to accommodate your focus.

Initiation of Work

    • I-35 will serve as the General Contractor and manage the construction process.

On your Schedule

    • I-35 will work with with YOU to schedule project hours, days, staging and job times.
    • I-35 will accommodate for unexpected events, weather or circumstances that may arise during the project

No items left undone

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The I-35 Roofing ACTION Plan – I-35 Roofing means ACTION!