If your building was built prior to 2016 there is a provision that you can deduct the price of your roof if it changes the energy efficiency of your building.  This is instead of having to depreciate it over the life of the roof.  With the substantial cost of roof replacement this is a great benefit.

If your roof qualifies for a restoration it is 1/3 the price of a roof replacement and with this deduction benefit it will lower that price even more.

If your roof qualifies for a restoration the deduction plus the energy efficiency will pay for the entire price of your roof!

For example if your building is 50,000 sq feet and your average cooling costs are $0.27/per foot or $13,609/month

  • A roof restoration is approximately $150,000
  • An
  • Tax savings of $.60/foot = $30,000
  • ROI $150,000-30,000=$120,000/3,402= 2 year 11 months and 8 days ROI

versus a roof replacement which is approximately $450,000 to replace it and bring it up the current code

  • Energy savings of 25% = $3,402/month
  • Tax savings of $.60/foot = $30,000
  • ROI $450,000-30,000=$420,000/3,402=10 years 3 months 14 days

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Under provision 179D commercial buildings energy efficiency tax deduction building owners and tenants that make construction expenditures are eligible for up to $1.80 per sq foot (click here to read more on energy.gov).

This is not meant to give legal or tax advice please contact your accountant or we can refer you to a professional that can see how you qualify for the reimbursement for the price of your roof.

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